Campaign effort officially on- how you can help

It’s official. The filing period is over and I am running for re-election and asking you to continue your confidence in me along with Jan Schmidt and Bill Bordy.

We are campaigning to get elected together but still need to fund our individual and combined efforts.

Covid19 has changed the way we get our message to voters. Going door to door will not be possible as in prior elections. It is going to cost more to reach our voters.

If you would like to donate to my campaign, your support is greatly appreciated.


Your 3 Ward 1 State representatives scored 100 percent in the 2019 Open Democracy Scorecard

Open Democracy Action (ODA)

is a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to creating and safeguarding political equality for the people of New Hampshire. The Open Democracy Action Scorecard : ” It is one thing for candidates to declare that they believe in open democracy and stand for political equality, quite another for office holders to vote in ways that move us in that direction. This scorecard measures the latter. The ODA’s annual report to New Hampshire’s citizens documents how their state representatives and senators voted on democracy issues.”