Downshifting is real and is hurting NH

A frank discussion of the history and current position NH is in concerning downshifting.

Please click the link above to view a video where you can listen to the experts about the trouble we’re in because of past promises being cut, ignored, or erased. The State Budget impacts us all and for well over a decade has let cities and town down. In every source of funding from Rooms and Meals Tax distribution to essential Wastewater Updates required by the Federal Government.

This affects your property taxes directly – they cut and we either lose services or raise property taxes.

Please see the slides from the webinar below.

From Senator Rosenwald The Budget: Robinhood in Reverse

From Senator Rosenwald The Budget: Robinhood in Reverse

Last week, House and Senate negotiators met to finalize the state budget for the next two years. I was appointed to the negotiating committee–the only Democrat– for both budget bills.

There is much important funding in the $13B budget, particularly in the health and human services area. However, I was removed from the committees because I wouldn’t go along with the Republicans on their “Robinhood in Reverse” budget that helps those most who are least in need:

– This bill reduces or repeals several taxes to the benefit primarily of the largest multi-national corporations and the wealthiest people in New Hampshire and the eventual detriment of everybody else.

– Over the next 6 years, I believe these tax reductions will cause either increased local property taxes or harmful reductions in municipal services that will risk public safety.

– The budget underfunds public education, especially in the property-poorest districts, exacerbating the achievement gap and further burdening property taxpayers while giving a tax break to wealthy towns.

– The budget contains the most expansive school voucher program in the country, sending our tax dollars to private and religious schools, homeschool families, and unregulated for-profit companies.

– The Republicans cut funding to homeless shelter contracts, making worse a state-wide crisis that was already an emergency before the pandemic.

– The final budget agreement removed the adult dental benefit for Medicaid that 34 other states offer. This benefit was the result of significant work and compromise with my Senate Republican colleagues and is a major goal of health care providers and the families of thousands of potential beneficiaries.

– The budget contains an anti-American gag on free speech that will harm our communities and lead only to expensive litigation. This gag rule is opposed by faith leaders, business leaders, education leaders, the head of our largest law enforcement agency, and even the agency asked to enforce it.

– The budget contains a completely unrelated ban on certain abortions that threatens to jail doctors and puts up unnecessary, expensive barriers to patients accessing care. The budget also underfunds cancer screenings and contraceptives for 15,000 residents

Endorsement News

Public Education is a true gift to the future of individuals and to our state and country, and the biggest reason for this to succeed has always been our teachers.
Teach a child not what to learn, but how to learn, teach them to be inquisitive and interested in learning and we will have the doctors we need, the scientists, the inventors, the people who build and repair and program, and on and on.
I honor their work and am grateful for their dedication to their service.
I am pleased to announce that both AFT-NH and NTU have endorsed my candidacy because they believe that together we are working to better the lives of all citizens of the Granite State.

A Campaign of Misinformation

It is disappointing that our opponents have decided to spread misinformation concerning bills that came before the Legislature last session. You deserve the truth.

No, Democrats didn’t vote for an Income Tax

SB1 and HB712: Our opponents claim these bills establish a state income tax. False. These bills sought to establish a system of paid family and medical leave insurance. It is not a tax of any kind but an insurance policy.  The program would have allowed up to 12 weeks off to care for a sick family member or themselves following the birth or adoption of a child. According to a UNH survey, 78% of Granite Staters support paid family leave.

No, Democrats did not create a Deficit

HB 1: Our opponents claim this bill created a deficit. False. HB1 is the entire budget which passed the house and the senate and was vetoed first and then signed at the last moment by the governor. A compromise budget – HB3 was passed by both the House & Senate and signed by the governor. As required by statute, it is always a balanced budget. Whatever the deficit may be, which is unknowable at this stage, is due to loss of revenue due to COVID. After the budget is passed, it is the governor’s responsibility to enact the budget and make cuts if necessary due to reduced revenues.

Really! This is not an Income Tax either

HB2: Our opponents claim this bill created an income tax. False. This bill is the narrative that accompanies HB1 and explains all the various programs relative to state fees, funds, revenues, and expenditures. If you search through the 182 pages of this bill, you will not find the words “income tax” or “sales tax.” You will find that the budget provides revenue sharing to communities designed to lower property taxes.

No, this is false too

HB623: Our opponents claim this bill raised the business tax rates. False. This bill defined the rates of the business profits tax and business enterprise tax. This bill was incorporated into the full budget, which the governor approved and signed. The rates have remained the same.

Returning local control

HB641: This bill, from 2019 (pre-COVID) was enabling legislation which would have allowed municipalities, if they chose, to add $1.00 to the rooms and meals tax. That money would stay in that community to offset the increased costs of law enforcement, emergency medical aid, and other services incurred due to heavy tourism. The bill died in the senate.

And if you really want to find ways to lower taxes

HB186: Our opponents are correct that this is a bill to raise the minimum wage, which would happen over 3 years and is in interim study. The current minimum wage is the federal wage of $7.25.  Raising the minimum wage puts more money back into the economy and leads to greater retention of employees and less absenteeism. The claim that raising the minimum wage would result in job loss is unfounded according to numerous research studies. According to a WMUR/UNH Granite State poll, 76% of NH residents support raising the minimum wage. The same poll shows that 91% of Democrats, 70% of Independents, and 64% of Republicans also support raising the minimum wage.

Please feel free to ask me about any other bill that you don’t understand, and please, when someone defines their opponent to be such awful Legislators, trying to hurt the state – you have to know there is someting wrong in their their depiction.

Your Ballot in Blue

We decided to help everyone who is waiting to vote by showing how it should look when finished! Please note that we squeezed both side of the real ballot on to one page to make it easier to print.

If you’d like a copy – just let us know!

Ward 1 Ballots are in!!!

Ward 1 Ballots are in!!!

Absentee ballots have gone out, 8000 in the first wave for all of Nashua. The City Clerk is at the Library helping voters through any process, and we’re just over a month away from the election.

If you’d like to glance at the ballots, find them here.

This is how I advise you fill them in – straight ticket – this is no year to cross over. The citizens of Nashua have a message to give a party that has forgotten that they are public servants, the message is we deserve fairness, we deserve justice, we deserve honesty, and the best way to send this message? Vote Blue – from the bottom to the top.

It’s two-sided this year – don’t miss a single candidate!

Side One
Side Two

NH Stonewall Democrats Endorse

My one driving goal as a Legislator is to work for Justice. Some of us, because of who we are or what we look like, find it easy to obtain. But Justice is a promise of Equality to everyone, not just the majority, and so I will work to ensure this for all.

From their endorsement letter – “LGBTQ+ rights and protections are constantly at risk in the state of New Hampshire. The community as a whole is relying on hard-working advocates, to promote, move forward, and communicate on issues that would limit or inhibit progress on LGBTQ+ equality.”

I accept this endorsement proudly.

Election Day Support

Election Day Support

The Attorney General’s Office will be operating its Election Day hotline from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. We encourage voters and election officials with concerns or questions to call 1-866-868-3703 (1-866-VOTER03).

In the event a caller receives voicemail, the caller should leave a message. Attorneys in the office will address each message received. Inquiries and complaints may also be submitted via email at