For the 2021 – 22 legislative session I am prioritizing getting Nashua residents through the Covid-19 crisis and help
to rebuild the high quality of life we want in New Hampshire”

Proudly Serving since 2018
Proudly Serving since 2018


Access to healthcare and protecting our health

Recovering from economic disaster

Educating New Hampshire children

Keeping the New Hampshire Environment Clean

Lowering the Nashua property tax increases

Ensuring each individual in New Hampshire is valued and respected

The Corona Virus has disrupted every aspect of our lives.  The November 2020 election was critical because we need representatives in Concord who will prioritize getting New Hampshire residents through the crisis and help to rebuild the high quality of living we enjoy in New Hampshire. 

Bipartisan Corona virus legislation will need to be about access.:

Access to diagnosis, treatment, and to medical insurance choice

Access to family medical leave to protect families from economic disaster

Access to jobs that offer living wages

Access for small and medium business to fair and equitable business practices that allow them to grow and offer jobs.

I appreciate your confidence in me representing you in Concord. 

In 2018 I committed to work on issues of importance to Ward 1.  I have included examples of bills I have co-sponsored or voted for.


I believe every New Hampshire resident should have access to quality, affordable healthcare. I will work to continue the mental health and addiction support programs that Medicaid expansion has made possible in New Hampshire

SB 4- This legislation protects the basic provisions and essential health benefits of the Affordable Care Act in state law including a non-discrimination clause, while providing a stable environment for insurers should the ACA be repealed at the federal level

SB 1 – This legislation would have enacted a Family and Medical Leave Insurance program in New Hampshire which would have provided affordable access of up to 12 weeks of leave in a calendar year

SB 6 – relative to child protection staffing and making an appropriation therefor. SIGNED INTO LAW o This legislation makes an appropriation the Department of Health and Human Services to hire additional child protective workers and child protective supervisors, a long overdue measure


I believe we must strengthen our education system to equip every student with the necessary skills to be innovative, to succeed, and to thrive in their future careers. We must support the children and their teachers in our public schools with the goal of keeping New Hampshire schools the best in the nation.

HB 709 – relative to the formula for determining funding for an adequate education more funding allocated to public schools)

Co-sponsor- HB1371 -proclaiming March 2 Reading in New Hampshire Day

Co-Sponsor – HB-1682FN -requiring schools to maintain food allergy plans to address food allergy safety and training


Protecting our environment, and our way of life, isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also good business. New Hampshire’s environment is vital to our public health, our economy, and the unique identity of our state. I will continue to support legislation to hold businesses accountable for practices that harm our environment. I serve on the Resources, Recreation and development Committee that considers all bills relating to natural resources, water pollution and control; parks and recreational areas; and matters concerning state controls on property development

Co-Sponsor   HB1319-prohibiting the siting of new landfills or expansions of existing landfills near state parks, national parks, or United States Department of Agriculture forest land

Co-Sponsor   HB1537-relative to standards for per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water and ambient groundwater

Co-Sponsor   HR12- urging Congress to declare per-fluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) a superfund chemical and provide sufficient programming and funding for education, treatment, and remediation of the effects of PFAS

Co-Sponsor   HB1688FN-relative to OHRV speed limits on roads

Working for you- Ward 1

As a legislative team, we delivered a budget that gave Nashua 9 million dollars more than the Governor and Republican legislators proposed for 2020-2021.  This will be used towards our property tax burden.

Received from the Democrat’s Budget additional             Municipal Aid and Education ing Increase Combined 


Co-sponsor HB1225-allowing increased net energy metering limits for municipal (Nashua)  hydroelectric facilities.

Co-Sponsor HCR8-celebrating August 26, 2020 as the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which guarantees that the right to vote shall not be denied on the basis of sex

Co-Sponsor SB94-relative to the number of days a charitable organization may operate bingo

I voted for bills that include commuter rail for Nashua, gun safety in schools, eliminating the death penalty, protecting a woman’s choice on her health issues, and protecting every Granite stater’s right to vote.

My full voting record is available to you online.

Thank you for giving me the privilege of representing you and I ask for your vote for all three of us in the September Primary and November Election.

Endorsements/Recognitions 2020

Sierra Club
Moms Demand Action 2020 Campaign Distinction Award 
End Citizens United
New Hampshire Teamsters Local 633
Stonewall Democrats
National Education Association (NEA) New Hampshire
Rights and Democracy
Planned Parenthood - 100% Honor Role
Open Democracy Scorecard 100%
AFT New Hampshire
Nashua teachers Union Committee of Political Education 
Rights and Democracy New Hampshire 

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