Having filed to return to the House, now we begin receiving requests to fill in surveys from lobbying groups.

Yesterday I received these via mail.

One wants me to remove all regulations on weapons, another wants me to remove all taxes, the last one wants me to remove a woman’s right to bodily autonomy.

I promise to consistently vote for smart gun laws, protecting  2a of the NH Constitution while protecting the community. I’d ask for help from gun owners on how to require everyone follow the guidance of responsible owners and make NH safer for everyone.

NH’s taxes are out of balance because of the consistent downshifting of the burden to run this state down onto property owners. We are punishing poorer communities and those with other burdens when they know our children should all have the same access to public education, safe roads and bridges, access to healthcare, a secure retirement within the community they spent their lives.

I promise to secure and protect the hard personal decisions women have to make concerning their own health and that of their families. The state has no right to interfere between a woman and her doctor. 

No, not these, not now, not ever